Why Steel On Services?

abef3d308dac7f334b89c36c0880f47eExperience! We have seen it all. From weak points in all major manufactures, to cables, and joints warping or wearing out over time. Let’s face it, no one company makes fail proof equipment, and no club owner has full control over how people use their machines. We not only fix, but often times are able to repair your equipment better and stronger than ever by using extra metal in high stress points. We take pride in our name and our work. Our goal is to extend the life of your equipment and ultimately the value retained from keeping your good pieces in circulation for many more years than previously thought possible.

feba602279a9048584ad15306a4ba09bIn the beginning, TK Star Designs Inc. designed and manufactured customized heavy duty weight equipment for commercial gyms and college athletic programs. Over the years as it became more common for competitors to outsource their manufacturing to China, we decided to focus our efforts on repairing, maintaining and servicing metal gym and heavy duty weight equipment for commercial gyms and health club facilities located in the metropolitan New York area. The majority of commercial gyms we service need damaged gym equipment to be fixed quickly, minimizing out of service time. Often gym and equipment owners will engage us to make repairs, even if equipment is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. On occasion, we will agree to fix damages to a gym facility, such as handrails and banisters, itself while we are at the premises. If necessary, we would also use an independent contractor to assist him with certain repairs. We do all of our on-site work in the metropolitan New York area. With customer satisfaction being our highest priority, we are proud to say that most of our clients are repeat customers or referred to us by other customers and word-of-mouth.