The Tricep Shorty Bar is one of TK Star’s longest-lasting and most popular creations, each one is handmade by Tom Kinney.

Tom tells the story that back in 1988 he wanted a fixed locked in movement for doing overhead triceps work on a cable machine. This could not be done with a rope, and the generic tricep bars that you found and continue to find in gyms were unsuitable and very off angle. So he set out to create the very thing he wanted and ended up making one of the word’s best tricep bars.

After decades of tinkering, testing, analyzing, improving and getting opinions, the 2016 Shorty is completely different beast. It’s attractive and modern, but with undeniable old-school quality you just can’t find anywhere else.

The 2016 TK Star Shorty

  • Thicker handle to keep hands open and take off pressure from the wrist
  • Soft foam and heated on,high end, golf club-type grip
  • Large “lock –in” disc for comfort
  • 3 different holes for finding the feel best for you and hitting from different angles
  • Sand blasted and powder coated
  • Stainless steel tip attachment head for long years of wear lasting