Refund Policy

  • Because of so many variables in sizes and manufacturers changing specifications and design in the equipment units, every cable(includes rope style, bearing, belts, and any or all custom and stock items.) and most parts are “MADE TO ORDER”” .TK STAR DESIGN,INC.  is not responsible for wrong or incorrectly ordered Cables are not returnable, we promo to call for any additional assistance if needed. We do not take back cables once they are cut and shipped.  If for some reason TK STAR DESIGN, INC is responsible for an error customer must pay for shipping to and from, and the item must be not used or damaged, and in new condition. Please do not call and try to argue and tell us you never heard of such a policy. If for some reason you send us cables but then want them back there is a $25 (twenty five) usd surcharge  plus shipping. Please call in with credit card information at (845) 591-5467
  • All customers who purchase our equipment agree not only to all of the above but also that any disputes that may arise with our company in connection with your order may only arise under the jurisdiction of the New York State Courts in the Hudson Valley of New York.
  • No Refunds or replacement cables or parts will be processed until the original order has been returned and received..If granted a refund we charge 30% restocking fee and PayPay and any bank charges.